Saturday, April 7, 2012

The moans of the women during sex, is about orgasm?

Whether the image they have learned from adult films, by their own preconceptions or ignorance, many men think that the more noise does a woman in bed, the closer to orgasm. However, researchers at the University of Central Lancashire in Presto, England found that on the contrary, the sounds made ​​during sex women are not necessarily related to that they are about to reach ecstasy.

The study , which conducted with 71 sexually active heterosexual women between the ages of 18 to 48 years, showed that the "copulatory vocalization" of women was reported more frequently before or during ejaculation of man and not both at the time of female orgasm. Furthermore, it emerged that the girls voluntarily controlled to manipulate sounds and actions expected of the man.

Also, 66% of women said they used their moans to accelerate their partner's ejaculation to acquire relief either because of discomfort or pain, fatigue or time constraints. Similarly, 92% thought that the vocalization helped his partner to have better self esteem and 68% said they would stay with their partner even if not good in bed. In addition, the investigation led to light that women had a lower tendency to experience orgasm after penetration by your partner and mostly just acquired an orgasm after self-stimulation, masturbation by a partner or oral sex.